Discoverer H/T Discoverer H/T

Discoverer H/T

Four wide, notched circumferential grooves:
Offers resistance to hyroplaning while improving snow traction.

High density ‘zig-zag’ sipes:
Improves steering response while reducing noise.

S/T rated:
Suitable for a wide range of vehicles including SUV’s, light trucks and vans up to 1 ton.

Size Service description Recommended rim width Approved rim width Section width Overall diameter Green rating
70 Series
245/70R17110S7.06.5 - 8.0248776F E 74dB 3
75 Series
225/75R16104S6.06.0 - 7.5223744F E 74dB 3
235/75R15 XL109T6.56.0 - 8.0235733F E 75dB 3