Discoverer SRX Discoverer SRX

Discoverer SRX

185% more siping at half-worn than a half-worn CTS:
This results in significantly more biting edges and shorter stopping distances when road conditions are wet or wintery. This feature aids in performance and significantly improved worn appearance.

The winter-edge feature creates a higher snow grip area in the tread by locking onto snow and enhancing the snow-on-snow grip that ultimately provides better traction in adverse winter driving conditions.

M+S Rated.

Discoverer SRX:
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Size Service description Recommended rim width Approved rim width Section width Overall diameter Green rating
55 Series
225/55R1999H7.06.0 - 8.0233731E C 71dB 2
255/55R18 XL109V8.07.0 - 9.0265737E C 71dB 2
275/55R20 XL117H8.57.5 - 9.5284810E C 72dB 2
60 Series
235/60R18 XL107V7.06.5 - 8.5240739E C 71dB 2
245/60R18105H7.07.0 - 8.5248751E C 71dB 2
275/60R20115T8.07.5 - 9.5279838E C 71dB 2
65 Series
225/65R17102H6.56.0 - 8.0228724E C 71dB 2
245/65R17107T7.07.0 - 8.5248750E C 71dB 2
255/65R17110T7.57.0 - 9.0260764E C 71dB 2
265/65R17112T8.07.5 - 9.5272776E C 71dB 2
70 Series
215/70R16100H6.55.5 - 7.0221708E C 71dB 2
235/70R16106T7.06.0 - 8.0240736E C 71dB 2
245/70R16107T7.06.5 - 8.0248750E C 71dB 2
265/70R16112T8.07.0 - 9.0272778E C 71dB 2
75 Series
265/75R16116T7.57.0 - 9.0267804E C 71dB 2