Cooper Zeon CS Sport Cooper Zeon CS Sport

Cooper Zeon CS Sport

The Cooper Zeon CS Sport has been designed and developed with the driving enthusiast in mind with a select range of 18” to 20” sizes, W and Y speed rated for ultra high performance vehicles.

The tyre is packed with new design features intended to optimise performance and maximise the driving experience.

The high dispersion silica tread provides improved wet performance as well as excellent traction in dry conditions. Opti-noise technology ensures quieter running and improved comfort. Flipper reinforcement enhances steering response and lateral stability and a 0° spiral restrictor improves high speed performance.

The central tread rib and 2 ply rayon casing offers exceptionally crisp and precise handling aided by the large shoulder tread blocks.

A rim flange protector helps guard against kerb damage to alloy wheels.

Size Service description Recommended rim width Approved rim width Section width Overall diameter Green rating
35 Series
235/35R19 XL91Y8.58.0 - 9.5241647E A 70dB 2
245/35R19 XL93Y8.58.0 - 9.5248655C A 70dB 2
255/35R18 XL94Y9.08.5 - 10.0260635E A 71dB 2
255/35R19 XL96Y9.08.5 - 10.0260661E A 71dB 2
255/35R20 XL97Y9.08.5 - 10.0260686C A 71dB 2
265/35R18 XL97Y9.09.0 - 10.5271643C A 71dB 2
40 Series
205/40R17 XL84W7.57.0 - 8.0212596E A 70dB 2
225/40R18 XL92Y8.07.5 - 9.0229637E A 70dB 2
235/40R18 XL95Y8.58.0 - 9.5241645E A 69dB 2
235/40R1891Y8.58.0 - 9.5241645E A 69dB 2
245/40R18 XL97Y8.58.0 - 9.5248653E A 70dB 2
245/40R1893Y8.58.0 - 9.5248653E A 69dB 2
245/40R19 XL98Y8.58.0 - 9.5248679C A 70dB 2
255/40R19 XL100Y9.08.5 - 10.0260687C A 71dB 2
45 Series
205/45R17 XL88W7.06.5 - 7.5206616E A 70dB 2
225/45R18 XL95Y7.57.0 - 8.5225659E A 70dB 2
235/45R18 XL98Y8.07.5 - 9.0236669C A 70dB 2
245/45R18 XL100W8.07.5 - 9.0243677E A 70dB 2
245/45R18 XL100Y8.07.5 - 9.0243677E A 70dB 2
255/45R18 XL103Y8.58.0 - 9.5255687C A 71dB 2
255/45R1899Y8.58.0 - 9.5255687C A 70dB 2