Discoverer A/T3 Sport Discoverer A/T3 Sport

Discoverer A/T3 Sport

All terrain design:
Designed specifically for the European market.

Ventless technology:
The moulds used to manufacture incorporate special venting technology in the tread area to provide a crisp, clean, premium appearance.

Raised outline white letters:
Bright whitewall compound.

Coupled tread elements:
The centre and immediate tread elements are designed in pairs delivering excellent stability and confident handling.

Pickup and SUV sizes:
A range of sizes for popular light trucks and sport utility vehicles.

M+S Rated.

Size Service description Recommended rim width Approved rim width Section width Overall diameter Green rating
60 Series
265/60R18110T8.07.5 - 9.5272775E E 72dB 2
65 Series
235/65R17104T7.06.5 - 8.5240738E E 71dB 2
245/65R17107T7.07.0 - 8.5248750E E 71dB 2
255/65R17110T7.57.0 - 9.0260764E E 72dB 2
265/65R17112T8.07.5 - 9.5272776E E 72dB 2
70 Series
205/70R1596T6.05.0 - 7.0209669F E 70dB 2
225/70R16103T6.56.0 - 7.5228722E E 71dB 2
235/70R16106T7.06.0 - 8.0240736E E 71dB 2
245/70R16 XL111T7.06.5 - 8.0248750E E 72dB 2
245/70R16107T7.06.5 - 8.0248750E E 71dB 2
255/70R15108T7.56.5 - 8.5260739E E 72dB 2
255/70R16111T7.56.5 - 8.5260764E E 72dB 2
265/70R15112T8.07.0 - 9.0272753E E 72dB 2
265/70R16112T8.07.0 - 9.0272778E E 72dB 2
265/70R17115T8.07.0 - 9.0272804E E 72dB 2
75 Series
235/75R15 XL109T6.56.0 - 8.0235733E E 72dB 2
235/75R15105T6.56.0 - 8.0235733E E 71dB 2
80 Series
195/80R15 XL100T5.55.0 - 6.5196693F E 70dB 2
205/80R16 XL104T5.55.0 - 7.0203734F E 70dB 2
215/80R15102T6.05.5 - 7.0216725F E 70dB 2