Trendsetter SE Trendsetter SE

Trendsetter SE

All-season “block” tread design:
Squared-off tread elements form an effective gripping edge for excellent year-round traction. This modern-looking radial will perform well in wet and dry weather.

Variable pitched tread elements:
Computer-designed to reduce noise, the different sized elements work to provide a quiet-running tire at highway speeds.

Black and white sidewalls:
Available in scuff-resistant white sidewall in selected sizes.

M+S Rated.

EU label exempt.
Intended for use on vehicles first registered before 1st October 1990.


Dual compound tread:
A high-mileage tread cap compound is supported by a highly resilient base compound. Working in tandem, this capbase system promotes excellent durability and low rolling resistance.



Size Service description Recommended rim width Approved rim width Section width Overall diameter Green rating
70 Series
P205/70R1595S6.05.5 - 7.5209669
P215/70R1597S6.55.5 - 7.0221683
75 Series
P205/75R1597S5.55.0 - 7.0203689
P215/75R15100S6.05.5 - 7.0216703
P235/75R15105S6.56.0 - 8.0235733