WM-SA2+ (T) WM-SA2+ (T)

WM-SA2+ (T)

State-of-the-art production technology:
The product of Cooper’s latest manufacturing methods.

Performance tested against competition:
In Alpine winter conditions.

Meets current and future EU tyre regulations:
For wet grip, clean oil and rolling resistance.

Performance enhancing directional tread pattern:
Utilising state-of-the-art computer technology and increased sipe density, the WM-SA2+ offers improved snow, slush and wet traction.

TAG – Tapered Alternating Groove Technology:
Forward facing shoulder grooves and V-Slots enhance braking. Backward facing centre groove improves traction.

M+S Rated.

Size Service description Recommended rim width Approved rim width Section width Overall diameter Green rating
55 Series
185/55R15 XL86T6.05.0 - 6.5194585E B 70dB 2
205/55R1691T6.55.5 - 7.5214632E B 71dB 2
60 Series
185/60R1482T5.55.0 - 6.5189578E B 69dB 2
185/60R15 XL88T5.55.0 - 6.5189603E B 70dB 2
195/60R1588T6.05.5 - 7.0201615E B 70dB 2
65 Series
165/65R1479T5.04.5 - 6.0170570F C 70dB 2
175/65R1482T5.05.0 - 6.0177584E C 69dB 2
185/65R1486T5.55.0 - 6.5189596E B 69dB 2
185/65R15 XL92T5.55.0 - 6.5189621E B 69dB 2
185/65R1588T5.55.0 - 6.5189621E B 69dB 2
195/65R15 XL95T6.05.5 - 7.0201635E B 71dB 2
195/65R1591T6.05.5 - 7.0201635E B 70dB 2
70 Series
155/70R1375T4.54.0 - 5.0157548F C 70dB 2
165/70R1379T5.04.0 - 5.5170562F C 70dB 2
165/70R1481T5.04.0 - 5.5170588F C 70dB 2
175/70R1382T5.04.5 - 6.0177576E C 69dB 2
175/70R1484T5.04.5 - 6.0177602E C 69dB 2